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Blog posts of '2018' 'July'

Hessonite is a part of Garnet mineral and is available in different qualities and varieties. A special variety of gomed called 'Gau-mutra Gomed' which literally means 'Cow-urine Hessonite' is believed to be the most effective of all. It has a translucent cow-urine like texture and color which gives it this name and is best effective in astrological perspective.

Hessonite Ring

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Sri Lanka is one of the largest producers of Sapphires in the world. It produces the fines, Blue Sapphires which are used in both pieces of jewelry as well as astrology. In India, the genuine price of Original Sri Lankan (Ceylonese) Neelam starts from Rs. 800 per carat in retail.

Blue Sapphire (Neelam) - Sri Lanka - Very High Quality

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