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Who should wear a pearl? which is the best pearl for astrological purpose.  how to know if it is a real Basra Pearl or not. Today, there are more than 90,000 traders globally selling pearls and most of them sell the natural uncultured pearls from any part of the world by the name of 'Basra Pearl'. However, in reality, a Basra Pearl must be supported with a certificate and letter from the Kingdom of Bahrain Government certifying that the pearl is a Basra Pearl. Without this certificate, a pearl must not be considered as a Basra Pearl.arket - Cultured and Uncultured...



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Pearl 'Moti' as a part of the treasures or gems which were used to gift during those times. At least five hundred years before Christ, Atharvaveda describes the usage of pearl as a talisman in a hymn of magical formula...



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