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Is Citrine Effective for Astrological Purpose?

Is Citrine effect for Astrological purpose?

Citrine is a yellow to a deep red-orange golden colour variety of the mineral family Topaz. It is perhaps one of the most sought-after gemstones in the world after the rubies and sapphires. Although Citrine is a semi-precious gem which is available from almost every part of the world, it is favourite among many gem collectors because of its unique lustre, easy cuts and natural sheen.

If you want to buy citrine gemstones, the best quality of Citrine stones is available from Brazil, Bolivia and Africa. Brazil alone is the highest producer of Citrine followed by Bolivia and Africa.

Citrine Gemstone

In astrological context, a Citrine (which is called Sunela or Sunehla in India) is associated with planet Jupiter (Vrihaspati) and is considered to be the best substitute for Yellow Sapphires. However, it should be noticed that almost 90% of the citrine stones available in the market are colour enhanced (heated) because the natural golden topaz does not have consistent color. The color is mostly present at the edges which are spread or enhanced across the entire stone by heating it over a temperature of almost 300 to 500 degrees.

Astrology aspect about Citrine

Some astrologers believe that by heat treatment, the citrine loses its astrological powers. We have heard some astrologers who even do not consider Citrine a gemstone as its always the enhanced color which shines through it. However, in our opinion and observations, a gemstone loses its natural form or powers only if it has been mixed or fused with any foreign mineral or material such as beryllium mix, glass filling, lead filling, etc.
Enhancing the already present natural color of citrine does not make it lose its natural powers. In fact, if a citrine's natural color is enhanced to the entire gemstone, it exposes a larger amount of colored mass of the stone to the wearer's skin which would allow more colored light to pass on to the wearer's body through the citrine which ultimately gives a better astrological impact.

Moreover, the look and feel of Citrine which can be available at a lower price may never be possible to get in Yellow Sapphires as a clean Yellow Sapphire would cost thousands of dollars per carat.

Citrine price

In India, the top quality (red-orangish golden color) Citrine can be available for Rs. 2,000 per carat (around USD 30 per carat). This will be the topmost quality of Citrine available. Such quality of Citrine is also known as Firey Cirtine or Fire Citrine. If one wishes to get a similar quality and color in Sapphires, he may have to invest around Rs. 7,00,000 to 8,00,000 per carat (almost USD 10,000 to 12,000 per carat). Of course, a substitute gemstone is always less effective as compared to the main gemstone. However, keeping in mind this huge gap of pricing between Citrine and Yellow Sapphire, we suggest that a Citrine of high quality is worth buying and wearing for astrological purposes.

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