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Gemstone for Leo : People Born Under Zodiac Sign Leo

Gemstone for Leo



Leo is Latin word derived originally from Leon. Leo is the lord or administrator and summons exceptionally well. Leo can sort out, give out obligations and be direct. Leo dependably demonstrates thought for others and is liberal to those in destitution. Leo is prepared to love too rapidly and after that can be harmed, yet will soon be prepared to love once more.


gemstone for leo



People born under the sign of Leo are natural born leaders. They are emotional, imaginative, fearless, and predominant and to a great degree hard to oppose, ready to accomplish anything they need to in any range of life they focus on. There is a particular quality to a Leo and their "lord of the wilderness" status.

Leo (the indication of the Lion) is the fifth indication of the Zodiac, affecting individuals conceived between July 23 - August 23. The Fire indications of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are related with activity, enthusiasm, and vitality. Joined with different components, fire feels that earth will cover it, water will suffocate it, and however, air will fan and breathe life into it.

Leo regularly has numerous companions for they are liberal and faithful. Fearless and appealing, this is a Sun sign equipped for joining diverse gatherings of individuals and driving them as one towards a mutual reason, and their sound comical inclination makes the coordinated effort with other individuals considerably less demanding.

Lion is a symbol of bravery and fearless. The people born under the sign of Leo are fearless, impossible to challenges. With their head high, they need to confront others with pride and regard, never raising a voice, a hand, or a weapon, intrepidly strolling through the backwoods they run the show.

As indicated by Western astrologers, the component of the zodiac sign Leo is Fire, its decision planet is the Sun and its fortunate color is orange. These are the things on which choice of gemstones in this visionary framework is based. The rationale is to wear a stone which can lead the astronomical energies of the related planet in the physical body of the wearer, with the goal that he can pick up the positive vibrations and mending advantages of this specific stone for general achievement and prosperity.

As per the parameters of the cardinal component, administering planet and fortunate shading, Western astrologers prescribes gemstones, for example, citrine, golden; shake precious stone, onyx, garnet, Peridot and ruby for the Leo descendants. As indicated by Western Calendar, onyx is the birthstone for the long stretch of July, making it more appropriate for Leo locals, while a few societies esteem Ruby to be fortunes stone for July conceived individuals. Some different astrologer recommend brilliant topaz, jewel, and agate and tiger eye as the favorite gemstones for Leo.


The birthstone for Leo is the Peridot. The Zodiac indication of Leo likewise reacts to Onyx, Diamond, Carnelian, Sardonyx, and Ruby. The convention of giving blessings of gems containing these stones goes back a large number of years. The gemstone or birthstone Peridot is accepted to lead the energies of the planet Sun with which it is thoughtful and that wearing gems containing the gemstone will center the energies of the planet and sign through the diamond.


Ruling Planet Sun
Symbol The Lion
Element Fire
Color Golden, Orange, yellow, Cream and Red
Lucky Stones Peridot, Ruby and Amber
Unlucky Stones Blue Sapphire
Lucky Numbers 1, 8, 5 and 9
Lucky Days Tuesday, Fridays, and Sundays
Business Partner Sagittarius
Lucky Alphabet A, L, Y and F
Best Profession Speculation, Jewelers, Soldiers, Surgeons, Dentists, Barber, Butcher, Administrative Managers, Engineers, Lawyers, Priests
Best for Marriage and Partnerships Aquarius
Eventful Years 1, 10, 19, 28 and so on and 5, 14, 23, 32 and so on (add nine to get further eventful years)
Positive Aspect Leadership ability, Creativity, Confident, Affectionate, Generous, Optimistic, Enthusiastic, Aristocratic and Romantic
Negative Aspect Arrogant, Impulsive, Impatient, Egoistic, Violent & Deceitful
Compatible With Gemini, Libra
Least Compatible with Capricorn & Pisces
Celebrities Born under Leo

Julia Child

Fidel Castro

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Mick Jagger

Peter Jennings
Roman Polanski
Robert Redford
Andy Warhol
Shelley Winters
Julia Child
Robert Di Niro
Henry Ford
C G Jung
Alfred Hitchcock
Napoleon Bonaparte
Lucille Ball 
Tony Bennett

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