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Do gemstones have healing power according to the Vedic astrology?

Gemstone Healing Power

Before answering this question, we should know whether gemstones really have healing powers or not? The answer is Yes, they do have the healing power and it is evident from its ancient use from various civilizations from east to west.

But are these healing powers discussed in the Indian Vedic astrology as well? Well, according to the Vedic astrology, gemstones work in a peculiar way depending upon the planetary positions in the birth chart of the wearer.

For example, if a person is having a problem with his finances, he could be recommended a certain gemstone and if that person has some issues with love or marriage, then there may be some other Vedic Ratna that could be helpful.

Gemstone for Healing Purpose

Vedic astrology and Healing Power of Gemstones

Vedic astrology has given less weight to the healing powers of these gemstones. It has given more importance to their association with the nine planets of our solar system. Nevertheless, these gemstones are being used for healing purposes since very long time in history.

  • Civilization Using Healing Power of Gemstones

    All the civilizations like Babylonian, Egyptian, Aztecs or Mayans have been using gemstones for the special power that they hold; today we call it as a healing power.
    Romans used Amethyst to repulse drunkenness and hangovers.
    The Vikings used the Iolite gemstone in the shape of an optic lens thoroughly shined. They used it to view the position of the Sun and overcast sky to get the idea of directions while sailing.

  • Science & Healing Power of Gemstones

    Its all about the positive and negative vibrations.
    Gemstones are gems with various Crystal habits and mineral structures. Each one has an alternate density, weight, chemistry and electron extremity and charge.

    If a body which has a positive polarity can attract the discharge of negatively charged static, lightning and electricity; If magnets attract at opposite ends and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) can be used to paint an interior picture of the body using polarity, then it is perfectly possible that gemstones of different polarities may influence the body as well.

    If someone is suffering from aliment like arthritis, they can use the gemstone to get relief, similarly, for a migraine or any other issues, the gemstones healing power could be channelized to get the relief . So, gemstones have a very strong healing power but that is only for the health, only to change the vibrations in our body.

    Natural gemstones have their own vibrations and they could affect or amplify the vibrations of the body thus giving a soothing and healing effect. The vibration of the gemstones overlaps and corrects the magnitude of the vibration in the body to better your health.

  • Different Gemstones With Healing Powers

    Gemstones throughout history have been mostly used for the healing purposes. Gemstones also help to alleviate the spiritual awareness of human beings. For thousands of years gemstones have been utilized to discharge mental, physical and spiritual blockages and once these stones are set on the body, they have an intense effect which is exchanged from the stone by means of vibrations.

    Numerous stones, for example, Amethysts, Blue Topaz, Citrine, Peridot, and Jade are altogether known to have Healing powers. Amethyst, for instance, is known to dispose of negative vitality and upgrade correspondence with respect to love and Peridot is known to advance peace and satisfaction and pull in a great deal of accomplishment and good fortune.

    Citrine adjusts and revitalize and also disperses negative energy, it also stimulates a way in which to acquire and maintain wealth.

    To conclude, these gemstones have different healing properties and before wearing them, one should properly consult with a chakra healer or a crystal healer and wear the stones according to their recommendations.

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