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"More E-Retail Start-Ups of Gems & Jewellery needed in India"

20 March 2018

"More E-Retail Start-Ups of Gems & Jewellery needed in India."
The Indian E-commerce industry is dominated by online travel portals, online marketplaces, and motor-cab services. However, there are smaller sectors which are ignored by new entrants and investors. Some of these small sectors have huge potential to become the industry leaders in terms of revenue generated by their products. One such industry that I want to discuss, is the Gems & Jewellery sector.

Instead of giving biased statistics & trends of the Gems & Jewellery industry in India, I would like to draw the attention of readers to a serious threat this industry is facing in the current scenario. 

The Gems & Jewellery sector has been one of the most under-estimated sectors of the e-commerce trade in India. Especially, when we think about online jewelry stores or gemstone stores, our first reaction is, "Are they real? Do they actually look like this? Ohh it is too costly to buy online... I should rather go and purchase it from a showroom by physically seeing the products myself."
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