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Pearl - The Queen of Gems, And the Gem of Queens

Pearl Queen of Gems




The Pearl is a great, normal blessing from the ocean. A radiant pearl made by a living animal. Pearl world’s oldest gem, pearls have been revered since long before written history. For this reason, their discovery cannot be attributed to one person in particular, but it is believed that they were first discovered by people searching for food along the seashore. We know that they have been worn as a form of adornment for millennia thanks to a fragment of pearl jewellery found in the sarcophagus of a Persian princess that dates back to 420 BC, which is now on display at the Louvre in Paris. Throughout history, it is the pearl that women have cherished most--for its radiance and soft sensuality, for its depth and mystery.  






Pearl gemstone is considered to be the birthstone of Month June. Along with this, Pearl stone is also referred being the birthstone for Sun sign Gemini and Cancer. It is stated favorable for people to wear or gift freshwater pearl gemstone as first anniversary gift to their better half or spouse.


Pearls are framed when a little aggravation, similar to a grain of sand, by one means or another advances into the inside of a clam shell. Irritated by this outside protest, the shellfish starts covering it in a material it produces called nacre. Nacre is mostly aragonite, a carbonate precious stone, reinforced with weaker materials like proteins and chitin. The shellfish gradually coats the outside aggravation in tons of nacre, in the long run framing a pearl.


Different Types of Pearl – South Sea, Freshwater, Keshi and Black Pearls


South Sea Pearls

South ocean pearls are white, bit and brilliant in shading, are saline water pearls with extraordinary, silky gloss that originates from the quickly stored nacre and warm waters of the South Seas, situated between the northern bank of Australia and southern shore of China. Development of these pearls is significantly more troublesome, making them more costly.





Freshwater Pearl

Freshwater refined pearls originated from freshwater mussels and show up in a wide assortment of shapes and normal hues. They have a tendency to be more affordable than saltwater pearls, settling on them a famous decision for more youthful individuals and gems architects. As freshwater pearls are strong nacre, they are additionally very tough, opposing chipping, wear and degeneration. Freshwater pearl development is overwhelmed by the Chinese. To deliver freshwater pearls, a little bit of mantle tissue from one mussel is put into a moment mussel; shell dots and little seed pearls are likewise utilized. The amount of freshwater pearls delivered far surpasses that of saltwater pearls, and freshwater pearls are likewise fundamentally less expensive. Albeit numerous freshwater pearls are sporadic elliptical "rice pearls," round and close round pearls are likewise created. Mediocre Chinese pearls are squashed and utilized as a part of beautifying agents and drugs.




Black Pearl

Dark Pearls are developed in water of French Polynesia. They are developed from dark lipped shellfish, which achieve a foot or more in breadth, delivering expansive pearls. The shellfish us exceptionally touchy to the pearl refined process, which makes this pearl exorbitant to create. The dark pearl shades extend from metallic silver to graphite with blue, purple or green.



Keshi Pearls

Keshi pearls are framed when the clam rejects and releases the embedded core before the refined procedure is finished. Keshi may frame in either saltwater or freshwater pearls and they are for the most part little in size with broadly differing shapes on the grounds that there is no core to direct the procedure.


Keshi pearls come in a horde of hues and have a tendency to be high gloss. Since the embedded core of the pearl has been ousted by the clam, the subsequent pearl is 100 percent nacre, giving it a brilliant and gleaming surface quality. Despite the fact that Keshi pearls are strong nacre, they are not viewed as normal pearls since they are a bi-result of the refined procedure, not a characteristic event.


The light color pearl stone dazzles everyone with its elegance and simplicity. It is one of its type of jewelry which is equally popular with classes and the masses. And the reason behind its popularity is its reasonable price and easy accessibility.

Pearl pieces of jewelry are immensely popular among women of all ages. It can be worn on all occasions be it the wedding, engagement, parties or in the office. The credit for its wide usage goes to its delicate appearance. The classy and elegant white color of this stone suit every occasion.



Yes, it is one of the most favorite events to don this mesmerizing jewelry item. A brilliant piece of necklace wrapped around the neck of a bride will make everyone go gaga over the bride. The simplicity of pearl beads blended with the royalty makes it the supreme choice for brides to choose as their wedding jewelry.

The greatness of pearl gemstone can be understood from the fact that it equally suits all religion weddings be Hindu’s wedding, Sikh’s wedding or Christian wedding. The simplicity and delicacy of pearl stone are adored everywhere. Not only the bride of the day can opt for pearl stone jewelry items even the guests can also wear simple and fantastic pearl strand necklace or rings to boost their appearance.






Parties are the best place to show your fashion sense and flaunt around with the best outfits and jewelries. And, pearl embedded jewelry items such as pearl rings, pearl necklace, pendants will look amazing at every occasion. Be it a birthday party, business party or simple gets together the pearl stone will effectively suit all occasions.



It is commonly believed that the workplace is not a place to look stylish and fashionable. However, nowadays, this general believes is collapsing after the MNC’s has come into the picture. Still, you are left with several options for instance; you can wear a modern and lightweight pearl strand necklace with glittering pearl beads. The white color of pearl bestows this stone a royal and universal look. It does not look odd at any occasion. So, if you are willing to wear some jewelry in the workplace, then, pearl stone will be a perfect choice.



Shopping is a hectic task and it is not appreciated to flaunt jewelry around while shopping. Nevertheless, if you are planning to go for shopping teaming up with some nice jewelry items. Then, there is no better option than pearl stone jewelry items. The lightweight pearl beads do not look odd. Being a lightweight jewelry item; pearl will look best to wear while going on the shopping.

Similarly, when it is worn down, it can look flirty and fun. It is best suitable for picnics, coffee dates and movie outings. It looks stylish and funky when it is worn with jeans and modern clothes. So, you can try to experiment with pearl stone jewelry because of its universal appeal.


How to differentiate between Fake and Natural Pearl?


In order to differentiate between a fake and a natural pearl gemstone one need to have knowledge about the inclusion, treatment and other gemological facts about the pearl gemstone. 

Natural pearl gemstone is formed inside in the sea water without intervention. Nowadays, the pearls are also created with human intervention in which they are developed or created under sea water under the supervision of human being. It is called cultured pearl gemstone. These stones are high-quality pearl stones and in terms of quality, they have proximity with the natural pearl stones. In terms of price, the cultured pearl gemstone price is low as compared to naturally developed or organic pearl from the sea.

While buying pearls online or offline, it is important to consider the quality of the gemstone. A cultured or natural pearl stone will have uneven coloring or shape. On the other hand, a fake pearl stone will have a consistent shape. By closely inspecting the pearl stone in case of fake pearl stone you will see bubbles and gas streak near the surface. In case of natural or cultured pearl stone, you won't come across such inclusions. The fake pearl stone will be prone to perceive bruise or damage because it is made of plastic or glass material whereas, natural or cultured pearl stone will be hard to break.

The price of fake or imitation pearl stone will be low as compare to the cultured or natural pearl stone.

In case if you fail to notice the difference between cultured pearl and imitation pearl stone. So, you must get it certified from a reputed gemstone laboratory.

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