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Ruby - A gemstone for love, warmth and sympathy

Ruby Gemstone for Love and Sympathy




We are encompassed by various hues in our lives. Some are glad and bloom with yellow, some are miserable and distress in the dark, some find a sense of contentment with white others are excited in green. Red is the shading for Love and affection. A Ruby has this wonderful shade of Love in it.


Ruby gemstone of love - GemsRatna


Ruby is a gemstone found beneath the earth's crust, which has a unique hue of Red color. Ruby gemstone gets its natural red color due to the presence of chromium and traces of potassium in its mineral composition which is called 'Corundum'. Ruby gemstone is also known as 'The king of gemstones'. It gets this title because of two main reasons: firstly, the unique hue of red color in Ruby is so rare to get, that the original blood-red color of this gemstone is said to be mined only once in every 15-16 years. They are found mainly in Asia (near the Myanmar (Burma), India & Sri Lanka) & Africa (Mozambique, Madagascar & Western Africa). Secondly, according to the Vedic astrology, Ruby gemstone represents the planet Sun (Surya) who is believed to be the King or Ruler or Father of our solar system and hence, the stone associated with Sun is also said to be the King of Gemstones.


Wearing a ruby gemstone in a ring or a pendant expands the appeal, excellence and general quality of the wearer. It likewise speaks to the holding in a relationship. It helps to keep the glow of the relationship and thus expanding the adoration and warmth between human souls.


In the event that you have a woman love, a delightful red gemstone ruby ring particularly the one encompassed by little precious stones or zircons would act as an endowment of a lifetime and in case you're a woman cherish yourself, then a Ruby gemstone ring in gold would expand his pride and stature in the general public.


Ruby gemstone of love - GemsRatna


Astrologically, wearing a ruby gemstone helps you to concentrate or focus on your assignments and likewise gives the wearer more noteworthy specialist, powers and psyche to work in the substantially higher position. Ruby gemstone supports self-assurance and teaches the sentimental love, warmth, and sympathy. It restores one's identity and decreases melancholy and enhances visual perception and blood course. It advances a more advantageous love life.


The best ruby for astrological purposes is mined from Mogok mines in Myanmar (Old Burma). As an example of Ruby to represent the love, Sultan of Brunei gifted a beautiful & expensive 15.97 carat  Mogok mine ruby as an engagement ring for one of his three wives whom he loved the most. Sun is the leader of ruby makes Sunday a decent day to wear this gemstone. This enchanting gemstone is the birthstone of the July conceived and henceforth holds countable gainful components for them. The reviving red ruby is viewed as the image of everlasting affection as the shading red means love. The gemstone is prescribed for the general population conceived in July to help them in matters of affection and relationship which assists fortifies their bond and love life.


Ruby gemstone is also considered to be gifted as a token of love on the 40th wedding anniversary. This anniversary is also known as the Ruby Jubilee year. So, you know a couple who's going to celebrate their 40th love anniversary, then you do not need to think twice before buying a beautiful Ruby for the couple to remember your love.


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