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Why should you wear a Gemstone?

Why Should Wear Gemstone?

Every time you visit a doctor, you get a prescription on a piece of paper which contains the doctor's advice on the precautions and medicines that you must take in order to get healed.
Similarly, when you visit an astrologer for a solution to a problem in your life, you are provided with astrologer's observations, suggestions and gemstones or crystals as remedies to solve the problems.
Gemstones are nothing but minerals beneath the earth's crust. Then how would they solve your astrological problem?
Gemstone lot 
Well, according to the Hindu Vedic astrology, every planet in our solar system emits different color or rays of light. When we wear these colors according to the planetary positions in our horoscope, we can ensure the maximum effect of those planets on us.
You might ask, in that case, why wouldn't we just wear that color clothes or just wear a thread of that color... The logical fact is that those colors are synthetic colors and not natural whereas, in case of crystals and gemstones, those colors are present naturally due to the presence of mineral ions in them which occurs naturally (unless they are treated).
Sun emits Red color, hence Red Ruby is the gemstone for Sun; Jupiter is believed to emit Yellow color and hence the Yellow color Sapphire (also called Pukhraj) is the gemstone for Jupiter.
When the effect of certain benefic planets is observed to be weak in a horoscope, that person can improve the effects of those planets by wearing gemstones pertaining to those planets.
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