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Benefits of Red Coral (Moonga) Stone - Best Explained

Red Coral (Munga) represents the ferocious planet Mars (Mangal) and hence, the first benefit to highlight is that it eradicates all the malefic effects of Mangal Dosha or Manglik Dosha . This is known as Kuja Dosham or Chovva Dosham in South India. Many saints and astrologers across the nation have found Red Coral (munga ratan) highly capable of eradicating and controlling the ill-effects of Manglik Dosha (especially for female natives). Manglik Dosha is believed to be nullified by wearing a Red Coral ring or pendant by the female natives .

Benefits of Red Coral

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Do gemstones have healing power according to the Vedic astrology?

If someone is suffering from aliment like arthritis, they can use the gemstone to get relief, similarly, for a migraine or any other issues, the gemstones healing power could be channelized to get the relief . So, gemstones have a very strong healing power but that is only for the health, only to change the vibrations in our body.

Gemstone for healing

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Care for Pearl Gemstone : How to Care and Clean for Pearls

Due external factors like aging, dehydration, the pearl becomes rough and fragile. High heat causes the fading of the cultured pearls and also causes splitting and cracking. Pearls are also vulnerable to several chemicals and acids. They are also affected by hair spray, perfumes, cosmetics and even perspiration.

Pearl cleaning care

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5 Important Benefits of Wearing Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Gemstone

According to Garuda Purana, Yellow Sapphire also resolves the problems of marriage like delay in marriage, problems in marriage and other obstacles. Yellow Sapphire is also called Pushparaag Mani. Garuda Purana (ch 74) describes the benefit of yellow sapphire. Married women who are facing the problem with their married life can wear this stone to invite happiness and prosperity in their life. Yellow Sapphire can also prove quite auspicious for pregnant women. Since it eases the delivery process and protects miscarriages.

Yellow Sapphire benefits

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Benefits of Wearing Turquoise (Firoza) Stone

The mending forces of Turquoise concerning chakra run profound and can be effortlessly acknowledged by most people inspired by Metaphysical Healing. It brings peace, serenity, calmness, removes bad omen and negativity.

Turquoise benefits

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Gemstones for Career and Professional Success

In today's dynamic world, what else can be considered as a lucky charm than a suitable powerful gemstone for career luck which, astrologically and metaphysically give us strength, power and luck to fulfill our destinies and desires?

Gemstone for Carrer

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Rudraksha : Tear of Mahadeva Rudra

According to Skanda Purana once there was an asura named Tripura who brought great havoc on devas and defeated them and become emperor of the asuras. The devas went to Lord Shiva for help. Shiva thought for a while on how to kill Tripura. With open eyes, he sat for thousands of divine years. After a prolonged length of time, Shiva winked his eyes and tears fell from them. The Rudraksha tree grew from the tears.

Rudraksha sprouting

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Why and from Where Should You Buy Your Gemstones Online

Nowadays, there is stiff competition in the Gems & Jewelry trade whether it's in India or outside. So, all the stores are competing with each other to attract as many customers as they can by offering lucrative discounts, a free add-on like rings or pendants, etc.

buy gemstones

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Wearing A Gemstone : An Essential Remedy to Strengthen Planet In Birth Chart

An expert astrologer might have the capacity to foresee terrible circumstances and misfortunes effectively. Yet what great is it for, if something is impossible to deflect the mishaps and terrible circumstances?

Wearing gemstone ring

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Which Rudraksha Is Best For Me ?
Rudraksha, as its name suggests, is believed to be formed by "Aksh" of "Rudra" means the Tears of Lord Rudra or Shiva. Mahadev Shiva, as we all know, is the lord of Aadi (the beginning) and Anth (the end). Therefore, his blessings are important for all human beings to survive on this earth from the beginning of their lives till the end.Rudraksh_image
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