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Numerology trusts gemstones transmit constructive energies and assimilate pessimistic ones and the gemstone which would suit a man. Numerology believes that gemstones can help a person to remove all the negativities around him and can help him to bring positivity, fortunes and good vibrations.

numerology and gemstones


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Do Gemstone Really Work? How do they affect its wearer?

Men and women in India can be seen with various gemstones adorning their fingers. These are not just decorative or worn to match their clothes or moods. Many of these jewels have definite astrological significance. They have been acquired as advised by an astrologer, after examination of the individual’s horoscope and the positions of the stars and planets.


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Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) is associated with Jupiter (Guru) while Ruby (Manik) represents the Sun (Surya). The Combination of Yellow Sapphire and Ruby gemstones together is generally considered as a good one because both these planets share a friendly relationship with each other in Vedic astrology however, not all ascendants get beneficial results from this combination of gemstones.

Ruby and Pukhraj together

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Healing crystals for heart problems are among the most searched items on the Internet which shows that people are curious to know the gemstones for heart problems & crystals for heart palpitations.

Gemstone for heart

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Gemstones and crystals have been worn by humans since very ancient times. They were worn as an amulet, or a talisman by the travellers during their voyages. Today, we find people wearing these crystals and gemstones studded in a finger ring, pendant or a bracelet. The wearing method have changed but not purposes and one of the most common purpose of wearing a gemstone is to attract money or wealth.


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Pearl jewelry’s are immensely popular among women of all ages. It can be worn at all occasions be it wedding, engagement, parties or in the office. The credit for its wide usage goes to its delicate appearance. The classy and elegant white color of this stone suit every occasion....


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People who are going through Mahadasha of Rahu which is generally an 18 year period in a human life, can wear Hessonite gemstone to reduce the malefic effects of Rahu. Hessonite gemstone or Gomed gives mental peace and removes worries from the wearer’s life...


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The utilization of Gemstone is likewise embraced by shastras, for example, Garuda Purana which gives expand portrayal of the way of the gemstones and their utilization...


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Who should wear a pearl? which is the best pearl for astrological purpose.  how to know if it is a real Basra Pearl or not. Today, there are more than 90,000 traders globally selling pearls and most of them sell the natural uncultured pearls from any part of the world by the name of 'Basra Pearl'. However, in reality, a Basra Pearl must be supported with a certificate and letter from the Kingdom of Bahrain Government certifying that the pearl is a Basra Pearl. Without this certificate, a pearl must not be considered as a Basra Pearl.arket - Cultured and Uncultured...



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Myths with Blue Sapphire Neelam Gemstone.One of such myths was that of having unnerving dreams amid night on the off chance that one wear a Blue Sapphire and the reason given behind this was significantly more unimaginable that this is on account of the planet Saturn (Shani Dev) may be irate. 


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